Most Memorable performace from a Barca player.


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hat trick lineker at camp nou to madrid 3-2
koeman at wembley
romario hat trick to madrid camp nou 5-0
ronaldinho at bernabeu

and talking about rivaldo a personal story:
the day of the cup final '09 in valencia we were 6 having a Paella in Valencia in the same restaurant than cañizares, when he finished a lot of athletic fans started to ask him for fotos and signatures then when he stopped beside our table we 6 started to sing: RIVAAAALDO, RIVAAAAALDO... he looked at us, started laughing and went out...


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Some memorable performances:

Messi vs. Madrid in Barca (3-3)
Messi vs. Getafe in the Copa (Maradona goal)
Sylvinho vs. ManU in the CL final (epic performance)
Belletti vs. Arsenal in the CL final


1. Ronaldihno in the Bernabau

2. Messi's 4 goals vs Gunners


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Victor Valdes 2009 UCL semifinal vs Chelsea, both legs.

He may not be one of the many attacking FCB superstars but without him, we would have never got to Rome.

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Like many said before 3 top my list...

Rivaldo vs Valencia
Dinho vs RM
Messi vs Arsenal

3 true Barca legends...

Also Xavi+Iniesta in the CL final and Victor Valdez in the semi-final

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