Mikel Arteta


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One of our own La Masia products. Do you guys think he was good enough to play for Barca ? Would you take him back ?


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I don't think he would get a game in the XI but on the bench he would be handy. Would you sign him for Bayern Munich ?


27 years of age... But yes, I would like to buy him if we won't get Gourcuff! My choices for next two seasons on our attacking central midfields role[I really like Ze Roberto, but he will leave either after this on after next season]- Kroos[our home grown player, next big thing in Germany football], Gourcuff, Denilson[Arsenal's one], Arteta. Arteta could be good to- 1) Play for us next season[if ZE rejects new contract], 2) BE a SUB for Kroos 10/11 season. If Arteta would come with less than 10m price tag, then I would love to buy him!


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I wouldn't pick him ahead of Xavi or Iniesta but he is a good player. Another reason for the La Masia trainers to be proud.


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As if they haven't got enough reason what with Xavi, Guardiola, Iniesta, Messi, Puyol.....


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Yeah he is definitely good, and in fact one of the best in the premiership. But in my opinion not only are xavi and iniesta better than him, but also cesc is too. If we go in for a replacement for xavi it should be cesc. Arteta is good and im proud to say he is a fcb product, but there are better.


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Let's hear it for the man, one of the best midfielders in the Premiership and would no doubt improve some of europes top sides too. Effortlessly brilliant even after a year out.

All hail Mikel!!


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Sign Arteta Pep... even this guy idolized you!! Not just Fabregas :p

Arteta is like David Silva, in fact a bit more defensive... just the exact type of signing we need right now without hindering any of the upcoming youngsters, a Keitaesque. Come on Pep.


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ive been saying all along. we should've gotten arteta last summer or winter.
as an experienced back-up.
and im sure he will be delighted to come home. but i don't see the need for a back-up now as i predict that jds and thiago will make more appearances next season.

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