Lliga | Round 35: FC Barcelona - Levante 1-0


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Campeones again!

We have to celebrate this great result.
But as usual in this forum too many users are just able to lament.



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Definitly need to celebrate. Imagine if Barca post Messi ends up in a Milan/United type drought. Hopefully wont be that bad but not 8/11 either.
So enjoy for now, tommor all eyes on Liverpool :)


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Congratulations, winning La Liga is a great achievement. Even bottom clubs are strong and can surprise. Levante threatened at the end but MAtS kept his cool. His distribution was perfect today. And Messi came to the rescue, as usual, against an inspired goalkeeper. Now EV can play the B team next weekend against Celta Vigo - we will need a fresh team on Tuesday at Anfield.


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Most of the players aren't giving 100%. Seems like they're conserving energy for the CL game.

Then why the fuck not put in players, who will play 100% to prove themselves like Malcom, Alena, hell even Umtiti now that he lost his starting spot. It's just baffling.


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People don't seem to realise that it is a nerve racking experience trying to win the league. We got our goal and then players might have been a bit nervous to see it out. It would be the same thing with every team in the world

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