Lliga | Round 35: FC Barcelona - Levante 1-0


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the balls from Suarez to shout at Dembele for mistakes when he hasn't scored away in the CL in years, when he hasn't scored ONCE this season in the CL! doesn't even look like a professional footballer :lol:


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What a disgraceful performance. Champions with a sour taste knowing what is coming on Wednesday if we don’t go from playing one of our worst games this season to our absolute best one.


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The last couple matches I was thinking Barça were too busy thinking of Liverpool, and wasn't thinking of how average they played at times. But with how Barça were trying quite hard there and winning 1 - 0 with a panic against Levante at the end, I'm worried about Liverpool now. I do think and hope we will play well at home against Liverpool, but we could also get punished quite badly by them, and I hope it isn't the latter.


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A shower of shite. Again, remake of Bayern 2013 coming up.
Haha mind was fully on Liverpool, you could tell. Circumstances were way worse in 2013. We might lose the tie but im going out on a limb that it wont be as bad as the infamous seven up.


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I can forgive them a little as they create enough chances to win 4-0, their minds were on Liverpool, and they were playing with a bit of tension. Still, not the confidence builder it should or could have been as Suarez or any other player couldn't score.

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