Lliga | Round 35: FC Barcelona - Levante 1-0


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La Liga Round 35

Saturday 27th of April 2019, 20:45CET



If everything goes accroding to plan, in 2 days Barca is celebrating their 26th league title and 8th in last 11 years. :barcaflag:



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Hard to predict a lineup considering the rotations last game.

Valverde has always said players can't rest too much because they need match fitness. That's why Rakitic, Arthur and Lenglet might start.

Piqué, Busquets and Suárez should most definitely start on the bench. Not sure about the rest.


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I dislike how even when Valverde rests players his subs are said players.
By that logic messi,Rakitic, Alba and Arthur start this match while players like Suarez,Busquets or Pique might get rest but also get subbed on (for non starters of course.)

But, most important, another la liga win coming up! Great performance once again by the whole team to confirm the chokehold we have la liga in for over a decade now for sure!
Hoping for a win, lots of celebrations by the fans and then full focus on wednesday.


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Levante coming full of confidence after a big win against Betis last night and in need of points so won't be an easy game.


Start without Suarez, Dembele, Rakitic, Pique & Alba.
Messi can start of be subbed on after 60 minutes.

Really need a fresh team for the game against Liverpool. A bad result against Liverpool will make it a real sour season, I wan't us to reach the final again.


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Very apparent from last match that messi is going for the golden boot.

And if he starts, which I hope ffs that he doesn't, then EV would not be the one to blame.

Also please rest everyone we just played almost gala 11 last match and a gap of 7 days between matches doesn't reduce match fitness.


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Quite delicate to do a lineup on this one considering the circumstances. Levante shall bring Barca some work to do, let's not slip on this one. Match fitness is also needed, especially for players who might have delicate tasks to do on the ball againts Liverpool's pressing. Would play like this :

------------Ter Stegen----------


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The regulars who really need to start this game on the bench are Suarez and Pique. Also, use up all three subs no later than the 60 minute mark.

Alena should get most of the minutes in the remaining Liga games, feed the fire. I'm thinking Alena is more likely to start in the Barca midfield for many years than Arthur. Must accelerate his development, even if that requires getting rid of one of Vidal, Rakitic or Busquets this summer.


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This would be my starting XI

(4-3-3) MATS---Semedo, Todibo, Lenglet, Alba---Alena, Rakitic, Arthur---Malcom, Messi, Dembele

Subs: Coutinho for Dembele, Vidal for Arthur, Bob for Rakitic

-Give the likes of Busi, Suarez, and Pique a rest who played vs Alaves
-Messi, Alba, Arthur, Lenglet and Rakitic didn't play much or at all vs Alaves so gain some match fitness in this match
-There's no point in giving minutes to Prince, Murillo and Vermaelen anymore so give those minutes to Todibo and Malcom
-Let Alena continue that great game vs Alaves in this match.


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I think The Gala XI will play.

Valverde and the players want to get this over with so we can have some time to rotate after we secure the title.

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