Lliga | Round 13: Leganes - FC Barcelona 1-2


They parked the bus, bro. We no longer have players like Xavi and Iniesta who can rule the midfield and send through balls to Messi and Suarez, that's why we have no clue playing with wingers who cross the ball in, but nobody's even in the box.


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Even if Valverde is shit, the players have to take a big part of the blame for these regular shitshows. Apart from Leo, none of them have been any good for ages. Feck, they regularly mess up the simplest of things and just joggs around most of the time.

I've learned long ago we simply can't blame the players at this point (except for the glaring chosen ones like Busquets, Pique and Suarez who can't run anymore and you can see from space that they aren't cut out to play at this level anymore, or players like Coutinho and Griezmann who simply don't fit into our formation, or are being played out of position anyway) since we all know Valverde is the one who tells them how to play (or not play in this case). Add to that not caring about physical preparation, Valverde playing certain players no matter how much of a sucky form they're in, and on the other hand freezing out other players for 2 months or more, like Wague who get their first minutes of the season end of November and thus their confidence is pretty much shot all the time, and Valverde being comfortable us playing at a snails pace, and you got this shit show.
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Never create anything away from home now. Build up so slow and sterile, lack of movement up top. Why the coach and the team continue to set up this way when it’s obvious that every team can cope with it is beyond me.


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Vidal and Fati in right now if Valverde wants to win..

when the enemy is so defensive you need players who are excellent in passing abilities to break the tight defense ... I doubt if Vidal and Fati are the right ones for a crouded penalty area... ;-)


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Raki nov in to save the day?
I don't get it.
They said they don't count on him. Tell him he is not good anymore... And then... When shit rolls down the hill now Raki goes in and to do what? Save the shitshow? FU Valverde. You have no clue what to do... Randomly pulling the formations and players to keep impression that you are trying to create some tactics.

No... The team and formation and tactics are created in preseason. Not at the end of november.

Move this cunt from the bwnch and get Barça a proper coach.

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