La liga title: Is it over?

Can Barca still win the la liga title?

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Barca likely gonna win it, can get away with 3 points despite injuries all over the place, and also while playing crap.

I'm going to lose it if such an average coach like Xavi wins B2B, Perez really needs to get lost if that happens.


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On a serious note, you shouldnt be able to win the League b2b while playing like this, but it actually may be happening.

It just shouldnt be happening.
And you shouldn't be winning the league without an all out striker and would be quite a bit behind already if it wasn't for Bellingham's amazing form. That cancels out us both and leaves the door open for 3rd option. But that option is Simeone...

If you had a decent striker, the league would be over by new year. But you don't.

So, everything is possible.


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Hopefully rayo will steal some points from girona even tough i dont think they will become a real danger i start to fear them
Their stadium is actually quite cool, in that some tall apartment buildings exist right outside of it, so people are chilling and watching their games from the balcony. :lol:

Vallecas is one of the shadier neighborhoods of Madrid, but tickets are/were cheap for good seats.

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