La liga title: Is it over?

Can Barca still win the la liga title?

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If we get 7 points behind it's gonna be tough.

I have a feeling atletico might take it this year if not us.


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The problem is not the schedule The problem is how awful we play week in week out.
Forget about the Classico.

We have played 14 games already in the season, and in only 2 of them (Betis, Antwerp) we looked fluid and confortable. In ALL THE OTHER games (when I say all i mean ALL) we were horrible in attacking, and in defending also in some.
And when you write that after every game, the usual morons will show up to play Xavi apologist and say that we are whining because we want 4 and 5-0s. No, we want to play better football.
Xavi's football is dire, and he has 100% responsibility for this. Other coaches will work wonders with this squad. The fact that he is an excuse-merchant makes it even worse

Voodooing our way through 1-0s like last season has a limit.
It was just a matter of time and evaporating luck for Xavi to be found out


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Madrid had already played us, atletico, RS and girona and only take a L in one of those, we need to repeat the same if we are to keep up


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It’s not over, nowhere close. However Real are finding ways to win and seem to have a togetherness about them.

They are favourites based on the first few months of the season but can’t be throwing the towel in at the end of October.

It also has to be said that Barca was never going to repeat the defensive achievements of last season either.


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It's not over, but the City Group may have to loan Girona a few players to maintain their challenge.

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