Kylian Mbappé


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He'll probably be asked on what players should be bought to best suit him.

Kind of like how Thiago Silva got a free pick of CB partner and PSG overpaying for David Luiz.

A tailor made team for him to be as good as possible basically.


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To be serious, the money i don't care about, but it will be interesting to see the other "Perks" they offered him, PSG offering him to be some kind of sporting director has to be exaggerated, surely?

Of course it is BS. It would disrupt the complete power dynamic at club and no coach would want there if Kilian decides which players to get.

Aside from the money being a huge factor of course, I think maybe he foresees Ligue 1 moving upwards and La Liga possibly entering some slump years.


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❗️PSG have promised Mbapp? that they will sell Neymar to Barcelona and sign Demb?l?. This has been key for the renewal of Mbapp?.

? @Santos_Relevo


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"PSG have promised Mbappe he will be the president of both Qatar and France. This has been key for the renewal of Mbappe" [Santos_Gician]


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I hope this destroys the romantic illusion that players go to real madrid or barca or united to "fulfill dreams". The dream fulfilling teams just happened to be the richest teams in the world. It just took abrahamovic, qatar and the emirates investments to pop this bubble of illusions. Figo didn't go to madrid to fulfill shit. He left the team where he was treated like a God to fulfill his pockets and didn't mind pigs get thrown at him, in fact he took it with the biggest smile on his face. I hope (though they may never) football fans wake up and smell the coffee. People chase money and they always have been. It didn't start with city, psg or chealsea.the trio just happened to deliver a wake up shake.

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