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For a manager so focused on emotional aspect of the game, he sure cant figure out how to get his players to not think negatively the moment they cock up. I wonder if this would be the same if he went to manage on the mainland, say Atleti. They could be absolutely fierce if he had them pressing and attacking right. I genuinely think it's the insecure ass ginger farts born on the wrong side of Merseyside that let him down all the time


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Just gonna put this out there: If we aren't back competing for everything next season, I'm officially Klopp Out. I have had enough.


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Pressure on the big man this season.

Let's go!

We need to win trophies.

Do your magic and turn water into wine. Turn McAlister into a Bellingham!

Gakpo and Nunez have shown clear positive signs and will come good this season.

He still has one of the best starting 11s in the world.


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Maybe you should give him some more funds to get another midfielder and some defensive reinforcement before you ask him to perform miracles lol.

Shouldn't Liverpool be in for a midfielder like Declan Rice or Moises Caicedo too?


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He got McAlister.

We're interested in Barella, Thuram and Kone.

We're signing Van de Ven.

There will be more icomings. We're looking for opportunities in the market.

Rice is way too costly.

Also heavily linked with Guler and Chiesa.


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We need plenty of new signings and the scouting team needs to unlock 3 or 4 hidden gems. That's the only way we'll compete with City.

Klopp has it in him to turn water into wine but it'll be tough.

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