Jude Bellingham


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Slowly becoming a cheating cunt, guy must have been in surgery last night from all those face altering punches he took.
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Played a big part in the last goal, and not just the assist, helped get the ball up the pitch, switched the play effectively.


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Seems like the ref saw Vini raise his arm to Almeria player and told VAR he didnt want to review it.....

That is not how VAR works.. if that is the case he was yards from Bellingham going down like shot in face and had clear viw.. why review that?

Raphinha was sent off for the same earlier in season.

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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Getafe have broke an unwritten rule and reported Jude for apparently calling Greenwood a rapist. As per the rules it should be a 4 game ban. But with Madrid fans in the committee making the decision, I wouldn't hold your breath.

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