Jude Bellingham


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Two fluke goals and the waterboy of Dortmund thinks he is the face of la Liga.

Just like vini last year.

They will learn.


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Professor L'OptaBirdy doesn't understand that managing and winning multiple CL finals (in whatever capacity of contribution) under expectations takes a lot more than stringing together a few wins at a mid table club with no expectations.

He's hopeless.

El Gato

So good that when he doesn't score you get at least a few posts ridiculing him.
TBH those that ridicule his game sans goals are as big idiots as those that claim his goals and/or assists are primarily down to luck


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There seems to be this idea that he did fuck all 'bar those two goals' while Gavi dominated the game.

Bellignham made more passes than Gavi, better pass %, won the ball back x4 vs Gavis x6.

Both were in top 3 for players giving ball away with Vini.

Despite the desire to ignore the two goals.. cant and he was over the game one of best on park due to them.


Of course Potter is better, because Zidane could never do what Potter did with Brighton.
And if he had been given time at a serious institution and not a clown show, he would have shown that in a big club as well.

On the contrary, Zidane will never succeed in any other club apart from RM and possibly a loaded France NT.
A coach that can only succeed at one club and no other club is not a top coach. Accept it

He would probably win CL with Bayern and then proceed to City where in span of two seasons and half a billion spent, he would win CL.




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Crazy how he is so influential for us already. He know what he is going to do in every attack, incredible football IQ. He must stay injury free.

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