Jonathan Dos Santos


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What an idiot. Had a chance to really impress and put his name out there like Thiago did at the U-21's.


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He really failed to impress with this move. I guess he is just like his brother, such talent but no brains, or should I just say he likes the 'night life' too much..


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Dos Santos, what an idiot...How bad must things be to need to have hookers during a tournament?...I mean there can't ever be a good time for hookers since anyone can get laid but when you're supposed to be in a tournament to show your quality?...I had really hoped he wasn't the numbskull his elder brother is


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Jonathan got it in.. but will be sold now for sure.. lol dos santos brothers are not to smart.. then again they are mexican... wait is that racist

alex 10

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thiago,cesc,iniesta,busquets,sergi roberto,romeu agree with poor sunyol cash in on him can u really see him in the future playing in front of those players


I think he's a bit too slow to play CM. Not physically but in his head..he's not up for it at Barca.

Anyway, goodbye to another Dos Santos.

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