Javier Tebas (LFP President)


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The moral thing to do is not to stay and keep up the controversy, but to resign with dignity and honor. Yet again after the El Clasico he had few words with the media telling how disappointed he is by Messi's goal as a Real Madrid fan. The man has to go.


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Why is lhe launching a complaint against Man City? They spent about 150m net this year.

Part of me thinks he is terrified of them coming for Messi next year and he wants to do everything in his power to stop it.


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[MENTION=22475]FCBfan22[/MENTION] thank you :thumbsup:

Perrin talking like croatian politicians do. :lol:


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Yes, and unpunished racism (Umtiti vs. Espanyol) doesn't hurt the image of LaLiga.

Shut up, you CUNT. If LaLiga had a better president, who doesn't only think about Real Madrid and anti-separetistic movements it would be regearded as the greatest league in the world. But because you, waste of sperm, and your clowns, it is still far behind the PL in terms of marketing and prestige. Despite having more footballing quality.



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Glad we went out and exposed him as a facist officially, and told him to mind his own business - La Liga which is outrageously badly run - I wish we would criticize the league more!
We and Real + all subtop-clubs make this league the best in the world despite the federation season after season..


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I hoped he'd at least change that crazy rule about obligatory clauses but he's not capable of anything positive. One of the worst...

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