Javier Tebas (LFP President)

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I'll use bold for the questiona and italic for the answers from Tebas as a way for clarification.

In the same way that it was claimed that former PM, Zapatero was a Barça fan, Rajoy supports Madrid and that Villar and Cardenal support Athletic, they say Tebas is a Real Madrid supporter.

Clearly. If I say the contrary, that I support neither, then that would be hypocritical and I would be tainted as a liar. And I certainly don’t like to be called a liar. Imagine if I said that I loved all teams, and then it came out that I supported Madrid since I was a lad, went to 27 ‘Clásicos’ in the past, that I celebrated Madrid wins with friends in a bar... I prefer to call it as it is.

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Did he say anything about harangue Barca endures year after year? And worse still La Roja's Barca players being treated like dirt?

You'd think they would start showing some respect after transforming Spain NT from mediocre team to world powerhouse.


Smarter thing to say might have been: "I used to support RM, but as president of La Liga I now have to be neutral."
Tebas has been here for a year and a half, and only just "admitted" to this ?
Did no one seriously ask him in 18 months before that ?


Him publicly admitting of being a Real Madrid supporter means that every move he makes will be questioned a bit more. I think it was in the best interest of the league. As far as Barca is concerned than it should be a good move.
He was asked about his children as he there are many photos with them wearing their shirts IIRC

Yea I remember his daughter's pic.
Still, it's an obvious question to ask, if it had been answered already I think we'd know about it, so I'm a bit bugged about how casually the question was asked and the answer given


Only in Spain a president of the league can come out and say that without it being a big deal. Joke of a competition, the fact that Barça has been able to win so much in their history really is amazing.

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In Germany Reinhard Rauball is president of Borussia Dortmund and president of the league. There has never been a problem because of that.


Germany as a country is not Spain as a country though. Thinking everything goes according to the rules is very naive.

It is often that the president of the league is also president of a club. For some countries it's not a problem, but for Spain :lol:

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