Javier Tebas (LFP President)


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Yes he said yesterday that he's missing a far-right party like LePen's (france's most disgusting and racist person) in Spain.

No shit he likes Franco and Real Madrid :facepalm:

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Javier Tebas on the Spanish government's decision to ban the Catalan independence flags in CdR-final between Sevilla vs. Barcelona:

"I respect and understand the decision taken by the government delegation in Madrid. We are talking about the King's Cup, which is also the Spanish Cup, and the Esteladas are symbols that defend the destruction of Spain. It makes sense, being that it's the Spanish Cup, and having to preserve public order, that these symbols which support the destruction of Spain are not permitted."

Tebas on FC Barcelona's official statement about this issue

"Barcelona is a team from Catalonia and they have always operated on this line. It's an internal debate, almost philosophic, about whether it's freedom of expression or not. Barça think it is, and I respect that. The government delegation, and me personally, believe that to have these symbols at the Copa del Rey final is not inside freedom of expression. Barcelona take their own decisions and I understand that they defend their people."


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