Former Barcelona director accused of harassing children


Per a recent report carried by Spanish outlet ARA, 60 witnesses have spoken out against Albert Benaiges, a former director at FC Barcelona?s famed La Masia, who is being accused of sexual harassment against children of a school in Barcelona.

He was allegedly involved in these incidents all throughout the ?80s and ?90s during his time as a physical education teacher at the institution, without the club having any knowledge of it whatsoever. According to the report, this is the reason for his parting with the club, which was announced just over a week ago.

Barcelona sacked him after hearing of this just over a week ago. Benaiges returned to the club in April after Joan Laporta was re-elected as president.

ARA?s research into the matter contains some truly harrowing details, and formal complaints that have been made will continue to be investigated over the coming weeks to find out more about the situation.

Football this year, has seen a worrying amount of scandalous events, particularly those pertaining offences of a sexual nature, with Benjamin Mendy of Manchester City under scrutiny for assault and Karim Benzema being found guilty of blackmail.

The report also reveals that many of the alleged victims had been asked to stay silent in the past and carry extremely traumatic memories to this day, which have affected them deeply.

Hopefully, more light can be shed on the situation very soon.


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No wonder he was fired a few days ago.




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Only fired a few days ago? I wonder what Laporta and co knew and when they knew it. Wouldn't be surprised if there are lawsuits and further repercussions behind his firing. Shameful stuff.


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Xavi: "Benaiges? It's complicated. I spent a lot of time with Benaiges and I never had any news about this."


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Xavi: "Benaiges? It's complicated. I spent a lot of time with Benaiges and I never had any news about this."

Complicated, god what a loser we appointed for manager

Instead of condemning it he says 'Its complicated I was never told about this'


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Can someone explain why this dude is talking about needing therapy coz Beniages showed him his cock essentially? Has this dude never seen a cock before or something, summer camp and swimming you see some shit unless you're sheltered as fuck.

For me this is a combination of things

Beniages being fucking weird, like no one can reasonably defend what he's been doing if there's been like 60 testimonies.

But no doubt it is 2021 and ppl will milk the situation for financial compensation. And say they've been traumatized for life or whatever.

European culture around nudity is also something most westerners don't understand it is common in Greece for showers not to have doors Especially in summer camp

Spain is same so fine cultural thing.

What Xavi means by it's complicated

" yeah some shit went on but what's done at the aacademy stays at the academy, yeah I saw him being weird and creepy but he did not touch anyone so it not something I will cry about. He's been sacked we move on"

I actually never personally liked how there's no privacy in southern Europe so I'm ok with this culture changing

But it's the 80s man, like weird shit is gonna go on these summer camps


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How come all Barca coaches and footballers habe denied it if it was THAT bad and widespread.

It is a case of there's no place for creepy old men in 2021. Nudity is taboo in 2021

And probably should be so it is for the best club has disassociated with him But I still think many people are opportunistic and pretend to be traumatized to milk a situation and make it seem worse than it is


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It's good they fired him, but still bad for club's reputation and Laporta's presidency. But nothing a man can do when such things go under the radar for years and decades.

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