Former Barcelona director accused of harassing children


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Can someone explain why this dude is talking about needing therapy coz Beniages showed him his cock essentially? Has this dude never seen a cock before or something, summer camp and swimming you see some shit unless you're sheltered as fuck.

You know well Barca defending this pedophile will result in instant outflow of sponsor interest and more damages to the club.


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Complicated, god what a loser we appointed for manager

Instead of condemning it he says 'Its complicated I was never told about this'

From what I have read, non of the players that worked with him (as youth) that was contacted by ARA said same thing. All denied any knowledge or experiencing anything like that with him.
Such allegations is "complicated" tbf. If you know someone since you were a child and suddenly people say he is a child harasser (he denied all the touching btw, but admit the masturbation in front of them) it is normal that such words will be used.
Also, I don't know how strong the word he used in Spanish, maybe the translation is hiding something


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I expect the club to come out with a full statement & intent to investigate fully as well as ensure nothing like this can ever happen again

I would expect nothing else as well. Hopefully they were preparing a statement over the last week and will come out soon. The longer they'll wait the worse for club's image. Let's hope they won't wait and hope this will go away because it won't and it shouldn't.

But I think at the moment Laporta&Co. have found out they should release a short statement about Benaiges being fired although I understand it's hard to do that without naming the reason(s) and people would have all sort of questions why that happened. AFAIK they've said nothing official so far, it was just reported in media he left for personal reasons which was obviously bs as we know now.

Going by the article I read none of it actually happened at the club but at a school he worked at

La Masia is part of the club and he was employed by Barca.


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Allegedly he did those things being a physical educator at the city of Barcelona, not at FC Barcelona. No one from La Masia has voiced opinion on any wrongdoing so far, but over 60 people telling he sexually abused them is serious.


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If he is found guilty he should face consequences. Until then best to remove him (or himself) from Barca.

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