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Barcelona and Puma have reached an agreement in principle for the firm to become the shirt sponsor. They're offering €200m per season, including variables, much higher than Nike. Barça must now find a way to terminate the deal with the American brand. @DBR8 @sanantheone


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That feels like Barca and media at it a bit.

When current Nike deal was signed it was said club would be getting around 150m a season virtually guaranteed.

If anything this could be LESS money per year on average unless these bonuses are fairly easily achieved.

Be same as when Laporta claimed that Barca had world record offer for shirt sponsorship.. was nowhere near it in end and barely improved.


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Laporta is a fucking crook

Pulling levers to sign shit and over the hill players and end up in the same situation or possibly worse. Can't wait for him to sell off someone like Frenkie this summer so he can do his bum buddy Mendes a favour and sign Felix.

All we had to do was temper expectations for a few seasons and recover financially but no, we have to throw that away for a 'quick fix', if falling behind Madrid prompted that, we'll be even further behind them after this summer, nice job.


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@Andresito Dont know where i can post this so pls move it to the right thread!

Unbelievable guys, Barca wants to quit the contract with Nike! We are at Nike since 1998 and normally the contract ends in 2028 but Lpaorta wants to quit as Nike pays not enough. Media says we get 155m per season and Laporta says other companies would pay the more than 300m. I love the Nike trademark symbol, don't do that Laporta!

Puma wants to work with Barca together, they would pay 200m + 100m boni.


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From what I have read, main problem with Nike is Jersey delivery, many time they don't deliver the patches in time, leaving stores empty or orders delayed, this causes financial loss wth Jersey sales. The Puma offer is unlikely to be much bigger but probably they are more serious than Nike with using our brand. Most likely it is us putting pressure atm and asking Nike to up their game.


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Laporta has also said that we are considering self manufacturing jerseys under BLM. I often thought about this approach but it is difficult for a club the size of Barca, but for a niche team may work (think Villarreal).

Anyways, the bigger issue with this is that Laporta wanted to sell 50% of BLM. This could backfire immensely long term or even be manipulated.

It would effectively, or rather potentially mean, that Laporta could inflate a sale of BLM today on the books without any real money changing hands, but then in the end sign the Puma deal with the investor in BLM will then taking 50% of that official kitmerchandising as Laporta has already put the official jersey sales under BLM.

Even more worrying is that Laporta could crook it up like one of the previous sales where the guy sold back his rights (sorry I can't remember the name!). So they could sell BLM for say 300m to their crony company, then sign the Puma deal for 200m a year later. The BLM sale would be on paper with no cash changing hands while the Puma deal moves 100m to this crony company a season. After 3 years crony company is making 100/yr for free.


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He's awakened Bartomeu's spirit



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Take it with a punch of salt, but some Qatari who works in Alkass (bein little bro) and close to Royal family says a deal between Barca and Qatar will be announced once Camp Nou is opened again.
Could very well be bs


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How is this even possible? Laporta sold half of the club's property last year and we achieved NOTHING? FFS Real has 523 mill higher limit than Barca. How is this calculated? Can anyone explain this?
That’s the lost lever.

Besides, we’re playing at a stadium half the size of Camp nou and our expenditures have grown.

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