CL Round 5: Barca - Porto 2-1


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Ah so teams CAN compete if the coach is good enough even teams that spend far less than Barca in recent times.

Dont point to any Barca philosophy when just won league playing way did and how have approached games in Europe etc.

Also go on about a 'philosophy' now when claim want Conte as next coach and folk are wrong to want Barca to win a certain way.

Mental gymnastics and latest Serghie arguing against himself.

Daily occurence.

Both Xavi and Simeone have set up teams in way think best to win games and spare this idea of Xavi held back by any Barca philosophy when hasnt been playing to it.


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Already put a bit of effort into giving you some arguments even though you don't value them. It's more than you deserve as it is.

Yes your usual mental gymnastics to say 'heres what I really meant' when contradict yourself.

Those 'arguments'.

Near enough every day directly contradict yourself and always based on this idea of 'poor Xavi'.

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