Champions League 2022/2023

Who will win the CL?

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El Gato

Last 10 Champions League campaigns for Inter:

21/22 - two losses to Real (played well), R16 exit vs Liverpool (played well)
20/21 - two batterings off Real, 4th place with Gladbach and Shakhtar in group
19/20 - 3rd place exit, 2 losses in EV's last autumn at Barca and 1 point off of Favre's BVB; make it to EL final and lose to Lopetegui
18/19 - 3rd place exit behind Barca and Spurs (then finalists and semifinalists), even on points and goal difference with 2nd but lost out on away goal tiebreaker
6 year break
11/12 - 1st in shite group, get merked by Marseille in R16
10/11 - 2nd behind Bale-Modric Spurs, slide past Heynckes Bayern in R16 only to get romped by Schalke in QF
09/10 - 2nd behind Pep Barca, won it in the end
08/09 - 2nd behind Panathinaikos, lose to last CR season at United
07/08 - 1st in shite group, R16 exit to Liverpool (finalists)
06/07 - 2nd behind Bayern, R16 exit on away goals to Valencia
05/06 - 1st in shite group, barely make it past Ajax and Pellegrini + Riquelme Villarreal do them in QF

Could go on but the prevailing theme that often gets swept under the rug, is that this team are absolute CL group stage bums who have not won a single game vs a strong side in nearly 20 years.

Until tonight that is.

Tee hee

Sailor Mars

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Inter have always been weak in the Champions League/European Cup. In this millennium, they have the win in 2010 and just 1 other semifinal appearance in 2003.

Rest of their CL/EC/C1 prowess is all from the mid 60s.

El Gato

Yh but not even title contention I meant, just wins in group stage vs a strong side
I never quite understood how come people would consider a group tough when they're in it
Don't have a single group win against any of the European elite and flopped even vs 2nd or 3rd tier teams
Total headcases

Luckily Barca is there to rescue and set trends.


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Robert Lewangoalski woke up feeling dangerous today 🥶🥶🥶
90 minutes played
0 goals
0 assists
1/5 ground duels won
1/3 aerial duels won
0 key passes
1 shot
30 touches

Best striker in the world and Barcelona?s savior?🥶🥵


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It's simple really.

You willingly lose someone like OG, you'll go to the Europa straight away.......

Hardly Rocket Science (although even if it was certain posters would claim to be Rocket Scientists and shit).....


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I'm surprised Barca are still favorites to progress over Inter in the bookies. It seems set for Bayern to knock Barca out again.

Barca will probably beat Inter at home but then what could be decisive is that Barca would then face Bayern with Bayern still needing a result to secure qualification nevermind top spot while they would then have nothing to play for against Inter in the last day.


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Atletico probably eliminated from CL thanks to former Barca player Jutgla who had a goal and assist in Club Brugge's 2-0 win over AM. Almost bagged a second goal as well.

Good game by Brugge keeper Mignolet.

After three games, every other team in the group in negative numbers for goal difference. :lol:


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I’ve always loved him as well to be fair. Was desperate for him to join Barca but always knew it just wasn’t realistic.

Fair enough.

Me and you might have to take an L on Grealish though. But then he might come good ultimately. Pep signings normally take a while to fit in.

I still stand by it: Jack Grealish is an outstanding Footballer for me.

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