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Everytime Alena tries to pass it goes completely wrong direction. He even started Citeh counter that ended in a goal with a sloppy passing.
Busi on the other hand is doing brilliant job in the midfield, he is protecting back four and able to get out of the pressing with a smart moves. He is also tall and cleared several corners.
Isn't Oriol Busquets a year younger?


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That's because other midfielders are not helping our defenders. A CB gets pressured by 5-6 Citeh players, of course he'll make mistake be it misplaced pass or panic.

On both of Montes' turnovers, he had zero pressure really...Then again, even Castillo passed it straight to City to lead to a goal late, too

I liked Saseta, Carles Perez & Busquets a lot...Especially Oriol...Lee played well but you can see the jump in quality at this age and I think he can do better...or at least I hope he does

Brahim & Garcia are very sharp prospects...No wonder Barcelona spent so much time in pursuit of him, a lot of quality in his game already...On the night, he impressed me more than Lee, tbh

Match available to be viewed, for those interested

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Albert Jorquera (Cornella), Werick Maciel (Vic Riuprimer) and Kike Fabra (Alboraya) will all join Barcelona Cadete A (U16) this summer.


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they are good?

Nobody knows the answer to your question here I assume, sorry. What I know about the Brazilian is that he arrived in Spain with his family when he was 7 (so it's not gonna be a case like Lee in the future). He is a fysical as well as a technical midfielder, and good with both feet.

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