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Martinez was pure grit tonight. After getting knocked down he still gets up and punches his way out of the last round. Good for Maravilla.

Never was convinced of Chavez Jr., boy doesn't have the drive his pops had.

Didn't see the Canelo fight but I had a feeling he was going to win.

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Pacquaio willing to split 45-55 with Mayweather, Floyd really has no excuses anymore, especially since Pacman is a shell of what he once was and it should be ridiculously one sided.

What a shame, the fight that should have saved boxing will only end up happening in a year or so because both former greats could use the cash. Says everything really.
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Of course he is.

Manny isn't worried about his image as a boxer as opposed to Mayweather who apparently said "You have congress, I have nothing but boxing, what if I lose?". That sentence is completely telling. This fight needs to happen for boxing, it should have happened a couple of years ago when they were in their primes (leading to re-matches and what coould have been a money-spinning series of top boxing), but the persistance of everyone wanting this fight will eventually make it happen and Mayweather is holding out for as long as he can.


Bulgaria's #1 Heavy weight professional boxer, Kubrat Pulev beat Alexander Ustinov with a KO in the 11th round last night, ending his 27 winning streak. The victory gives Kubrat a match against Klitschko for the super heavy weight title.

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Great day for sports with Orlando Cruz winning via unanimous decision in his first bout after coming out, showing us that what people are has no effect on how tough they are. It's going to be harder to combat homophobia in team sports but hopefully others learn from this.


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Ricky Hatton announces his retirement from boxing after his ninth-round defeat to Vyacheslav Senchenko at the Manchester Arena on Saturday. Speaking after the fight, an emotional Hatton called time on his career. He said he could still look at himself in the mirror and say 'I did give it my best'

.. not the best come back :lol:

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He came back for one last payoff then basically, now back to stuff his face and do aload of drugs :lol:

nah much love to Ricky, he's quite the character.


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Hector Camacho was shot in Puerto Rico and in critical condition.

Yup he died a couple days after. Crazy how a boxer of his status could be involved in something so petty but I hear he was messing around with drugs again.

The Mares-Moreno fight and undercard were really good. Leo Santa Cruz whipped Zaleta, he fights like Margarito but with far more accuracy and hopefully no glove packing :)

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