Bojan Krkic


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Tw Bojan: "Visca el barsa i forza Romaa!!"

lol, even after he is official Roma player he still says Visca el Barca on his twitter
true cule (unlike C€$C)


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From his press conference:

Some of his fondest memories have been “living together with colleagues, the cup final, my debut for Barça, my debut at the Camp Nou and my first goal,” while his less pleasant memories include “the many times they haven’t been fair with me and that’s one of the reasons why I have decided to leave. One of the last resorts was not getting to play in the final at Wembley.” But Bojan insisted that “I don’t want any controversy with Guardiola, I don’t want to speak badly about him. As a Barça member I consider him to be the best possible coach, although personally there are many things I don’t agree with”.

He has a point about Wembley! Guardiola sent in Afellay instead of him which drove me crazy. No matter what, Bojan was a Barca player at heart while Afellay was a newbie!

ugh...i hate this argument....bojan was barca player first blah blah blah....i'm neutral towards Ibi...but he deserves that CL final spot for his messi assist during el classico from hell alone..and he has been solid whenever he played..... bojan on the other hand, has done nothing substantial...but still people want to reward him because he was a barca player about favoritism....


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it breaks my heart to see him in the other players section, I love pep, but this makes mi think twice about our love :)


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it breaks my heart to see him in the other players section, I love pep, but this makes mi think twice about our love :)

why? he wasn't getting the PT he deserves. you said it earlier, "Bojan starts, Bojan scores." He wasn't getting regular starting opportunities and in addition to that he wasn't comfortable in the role that Pep needed him to play. ASEXis is clearly built to play the role off of Leo that Pep needs, but he can also slot in next to David Villa if Leo should need to be rested. At Roma Bojan will have an opportunity to break out from a sheltered environment and grow both as a player and a person. It'll only cost the club €1m. Let him go on loan, learn from Luis Enrique (his name should always be written out), get the starts he requires to grow, and then come back.

be patient. 2 years from now we'll pass judgement on this move. right now just look at is as an opportunity for Bojan to become the striker we all know he has the talent to be.


Agree with you, Irv. Thing is, the kid also has to survive AS Roma and I'm not entirely convinced that's going to be an easy thing for him. Hope I'm wrong.

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