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great f**king deal!! loan him to Roma for two years at the cost of 1mil Euros or sell him completely for 40mil Euros ... fan-freaking-tastic ... that's how you do business.


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Villa was nowhere to be seen in 20. He was playing at small club and that took a pressure from of him. Dont talk shit about bubble and him being imature, Leo is same child as he is and is protected as Bojan was. I would be dissapointed too if I had to leave the club that gave me everything I have. Bojan fallen in love with Barcelona since he was 9.
Pep didnt notice his talent that´s the thing. Hope when in 2013 there will be next coach (Vilas-Boas maybe) that he will play him. Talent is permanent, confidence and form not.

//actually Bojan was answer to all our poor striker signings last 10 years. He was gift from God and was for free. Well sometimes people don´t notice a jewel even when it´s right before your nose.
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You're wrong Yugi...I'm not talking about prominence or the existence of the bubble, I'm talking about how they played the game...Villa or Leo never showed fear on the pitch...Even when Messi was scrawny 16 year old, he was fearless out there...Bojan is still a deer in the headlights who occasionally flashes genius...He's soo easily taken out of his game that I scarcely comprehend how a non Catalan or no La Masia player would have remained on the squad by comparison


People made too much hypes around this boy since the beginning. Way more than what he actually delievered on the pitch. The same mistake that they're doing with Sanchez now. I think before making a paper legend out of a player we have to wait alittle bit more and see what the player actually offers to the team and ON the pitch! Not because he's cute, or he's a youtube God, or because he was a great in the academic teams.

Personally I don't care if he's leaving and I don't care if he comesback or not. As Michael said, attitude is a very big factor in the fate of a player on top level. It's not just about footballing skills. I like to wait and see how will this case be about Sanchez as well, before making too much legends out of these players. There is a reason why only certain players will shine in the top clubs and the rest are only greats in smaller teams.





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people need to stop talking nonsense about the kid not delivering and was never that great, the talent he has is clear a pitty he came up at a time where barca don't play a typical 9 anymore and with a coach that didn't trust him completely in charge, one will say he needed to be hug too much, but that is the case for some of the greatest players in the game.

Comparison with some of his peers
Bojan 41 goals in 163 games
pato 57 in 125
Maria 28 in 87

now lets not forget that he has been playing nothing but garbage minutes last season, but they are still added in his games played. and nor should we forget how clutch he was for in the copa in peps first season, and the important part he played in winning the league 09/10.

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