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Don't know where to post this, so naturally this is the place.
I had a look at the contracts of our players, and for some reason Alemany is leaving Deco with some work to do.

Mainly because of 2026 contracts

For a desired player, 2 years before the end of contract is when you start getting serious wil renewal and as of most cases, 1 year before end of contracts is the last chance to sell, while 2 years in many cases is the last chance to negotiate a full price of a player.

So who is in the list?

GK: Pena
Defense: Araujo, Christensen
Midfield: Romeu, Gavi, Pedri, Frenkie, Gundogan.
Attack: Lewa & Lamine.

Players like Pena, Romeu are likely out before that, Lewa and Gundogan are too old to renew and both have team/player option 2025/2026.
Lamine is said to have already agreed that he will extend at 18, though can never trust this.
But, Araujo, Christensen, Gavi, Pedri, Frenkie is a hell of a list. And all are likely looking for a contract improvement even.
It is going to be busy summer with those, but I honestly expect 2 of those to be sold to raise funds for transfers.

PS: That doesn't count on loan dead contract like Lenglet, and youth players like Cubarsi, Bernal & Darvish. All has contract till 2026 too
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