Barca-related Open Thread


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This thread is supposed to be an open thread. To discuss random things related to the club which don't suit other topics. Also, your wishes, takes on problems, ideas for the future.

Not that open threads need long introductions. Hope it serves its purpose.

Everyone's favorite mod, [MENTION=20930]Messi983[/MENTION], approved of it. ;)
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Betis has been making some videos I don't particularly like, but they know how to sell the product, I guess.

Like this one:
or this one:

But also some quality stuff there, I've always liked Betis, though.


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Nice to see a club not taking everything 100% serious in social media. It's for fun and banter after all. Look at the German clubs and Betis. Meanwhile Barca social media are posting pictures of Semedo calling him for Dembele :lol:


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I don't think any kind of signing will dramatically increase our strength (we have abundance of talent) unless entire team kicks up the work-rate.

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