Antoine Griezmann


Coutinho V2 coming to fruition.
Knew he didn't really have a set position to. Play here under valverde yet we still. Splashed the cash on him..


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Messi cant play on the wings as well. You can see these two just doesnt gel together because they need the freedom to roam. Putting one on the wings just restricts one or the other. Yes he does has some decent amount of work rate but honestly that's not all to it.


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Dont know why folk are surprised he was never a great player.

Will go down as one of our worst three biggest waste of cash along with Coutinho and Dembele.


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maybe we can ship him on loan to Bayern next summer and buy another 120mil+ player to waste alongside Donkey and falseRW-Messi


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Everybody said beforehand that his best role is that of SS who has the ability to roam, he won't get that often with barça.

He will be wasted on the wing, is rather slow and barely dribbles


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Antoine has nothing to worry about. He's another one of the privileged bunch.

He can continue being as poor as he wants, he will still start every game and play every minute regardless. It's the Rakitic treatment, a Valverde special.


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Only a truly cancerous, spineless and truly dumb board like ours would sanction, alongside the equally disgustingly bad Malmierda, a Griezmann transfer, for him to be fucking wasted as some pseudo "winger" totally cut off from the ball. Might as well have bought Tello back for peanuts from Betis as he would do better in such a limited role.

Truly pathetic. Just 1 out of many proven world class players that Malmierda's "system" turns into complete and utter liabilities. Coincidence? I don't fucking think so.

Good fucking night.
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The board just buys big names without planning and accounting for how they would fit in.

Same situation with Coutinho. Robert Fernandez was saying Coutinho was bought to play in the midfield, but Valverde didn't see him as a midfielder and stuck him on the left wing. It was plainly obvious he was never going to work playing in our frontline.

Griezmann was probably another vanity signing. A popular and marketable player that the board can parade around in the media


He will be wasted on the wing, is rather slow and barely dribbles

Yes yes, he is not a winger but remember what Valverde said about him: "...he played on the left because he is left-footed".
This much Valverde understands about modern football.

But wait a minute, because in the second half he played actually a right-winger cum midfielder, the team played with 4 attackers and the result was one and a half weak shot on goal.


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0 - Antoine Griezmann has failed to register a single shot on target in his four away games for Barcelona in all competitions (six in total). Strange. [OPTA]

Yup the biggest bottlers strikes again. While Ramos and Ronaldo were clutching UCL wins this fraud would miss penalties.

Put us in those finals and we stop Madrid from doing the 3 peat. And we add another two or 3 trebles to the club's history.

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