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He has been much better in his free role on the left than as a CM. Pretty good? He has been spectacular there and is constantly giving MoM performances. Its laughable to suggest that he is playing out of position. He is not. He thrives in this free role with less defensive responsibilities.
I suppose the part about him not having to defend as much applies, and defending is not one of the Don's strengths. But Iniesta playing in the centre allows him to play those cutting thru-passes like you saw for Neymar's goal.

However effective Iniesta has been on the Left-Wing this season, he has been superior in the CM position. We are just gonna have to agree to disagree on this.

.... also Kerrybai is right in that he doesn't score enough goals to play as an attacker.


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He plays with more hunger than anyone on the team, his display in this match was worthy of that of a barca captain. But you can tell he is not a forward if iniesta was in acm and he had given that pass to messi he would have cut the defender and buried it no doubt. Tata needs to start a 4-3-3 if we want to win and not have a scrap fest next week.


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And in which parallel universe is it that on the wings you have less defensive responsibility? Wingers have to track back constantly and press from the front. When they don't the fullbacks get exposed as happened with Alves against Real Madrid. Against Atletico this might not be the biggest problem. They don't have world class offensive wide players. Juanfran-Arda is not the scariest proposition on the break. Against Marcelo+Ronaldo, Robben+Lahm, Alaba-Ribery etc. it will be a problem to put Iniesta there + Neymar on the wrong side. Could have easily conceded 5+ goals against Real Madrid. 1 off-the-ball clearance away from getting humiliated. If they make it 3-1 in that situation they will run rampant while our heads will drop, no doubt about it. What "defensive stability" or "control" did Fabregas provide?

Let's play Iniesta on the right wing to accommodate a lost lamb in midfield who doesn't offer anything except maybe 1 good ball in 90 minutes. I've seen it all now.


Iniesta on the wings is a waste of a forward. He needs to play in the middle. If Tata really wants to play cesc, than play him as cf, messi on rw, neymar on lw. I'd still start Alexis or Pedro over Cesc. He's the one in the team with the poorest form.


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Iniesta on the right doesn't sound bad to me. He's not a shooter primarily, so he'd still get to do his thing.


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Iniesta must play he's the best mid in the world right now. Either as LW or CM. Tata is faced with the same problem Tito is faced forcing themselves to play with all 3 of Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc.


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60% of the human body is made of water and nowhere is this fact more apparent than in the case of Andres Iniesta. This guy just flows.....



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How about Tata just drops Cesc's ass and lets Iniesta do his thing in the middle, forcing Iniesta on the Left and Neymar on the right to accomadate Senior Cesc is frustrating and is hindering the fluidity we could have with these players at thier more comftarble positions. Cesc has a lot to offer, but right now i believe.. A super-sub should be his role due to his tactical intellegence.


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Or how about Cesc moved upfront and Iniesta play in midfield. Let Cesc and Messi play closer. Watching Cesc playing in the middle is indeed highly frustrating.

I'm not sure why Iniesta is being played too high, closer to goal either. His finishing is, well, a bit weaker than Ces, and his best games were actually when he dictated the match alongside Xavi.

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