Andres Iniesta


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Born: May 11, 1984, Fuentealbilla, Albacete
Position: Midfield

A real prospect for the future. Bojan,Messi,Iniesta...golden youth. :)


I think he will be our new Laudrup if he improves his scoring ability.

I remember his first match when he was a child :) My best friend had said to me: He looks like a ghost :)


Has the best dribbling skills in our team after Messi. Very decesive player, the only thing left for him to be complete is to take shooting classes.


I read on SPORT that Iniesta parents we're planning that their son move to the Madrid youth ranks when he was 12 years old. However, when they went to check out the apartments for the youth players they we're surpirzed by prostitues on the street near the apartments.
They were then advised to travel to Barcelona and take a look at La Masia. They took the advice and we're impressed by La Masia and the club and immeadiatley gave the 'yes' for Iniesta to enroll in the Barça youth ranks.


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Remarking, how some minor details have such large repercussions in the future.
It`s like Kubala signing back in the 50`s. Kubala nearly went to Madrid but the decisive moment to change his mind was when he had married daughter of Ferdinand Dauchik, who was in contacts with Josep Samitiers then scaut of the club, so he chose Barcelona at the end.


Iniesta out for six to eight weeks

The Barcelona medical staff has announced that Barcelona attacker Andrés Iniesta (24) has suffered a rupture of a quadriceps muscle in the front of his right thigh during yesterday's game against Basel.

Further medical tests today have established the full extent of the injury and have confirmed that the player will be out for six to eight weeks.


messi said:
This is quite depressing it seems we play each El Classico without one of our best players.

Shit ! Plz dont tell us that ...if he doesnt play madrid will be really lucky bastards


Madrid is only 1 of the concerns, Iniesta will miss the whole of the death month. Valencia, Villareal, Madrid Etc ... he will miss atleast the next 10 matches, and will only return after the new year. :(
This is what happens to good players when they start playing amazing, just like Messi last season. It was good while it lasted :p
Lets see what Hleb, and Pedro have to offer.

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