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getting pirlo is a ridiculous idea. he is not like xavi (great short passer in tight spaces), he is a deep lying playmaker who takes ages on the ball before playing a pass. also he work rate in defence and tackling ability is non existent, and barca have a pressing game.

he would slow down barca passing game and barca have no need for his player type as we have players who can pass in deep areas but actualy do it quickly and move forward quickly with the ball (busquets and pique)

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He doesn't have to play deep though, i think he would be perfect for rotation rather than spending 50m, excellent passer and would adapt to the system pretty quickly


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why play him in a position he is not best in when you can get a player who does play further forward, is a short passer in tight spaces and has the energy to press tge ball?


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I would love to see Pirlo in a Barca jersey. I think he was made to play in this type of team. I think he would be more than capable of playing a quicker brand of passing. It would be a very cost effective signing and most of all we could keep him in peak fitness. I don't think it would be a bad move at all.

We have done much worse.


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hes old.. and slow.. and although we cant bring in anyone BETTER than xavi and iniesta, id rather bring in someone for the future who could perhaps come close to their levels.

just my opinion :p


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He's very cerebral and technically refined player, with an amazing eye for a long pass. But never was on Xavi's level of quality, and while he's past his prime, he was never mobile or quick enough. Milan found a place for him, gave him protection and he did excellent. But I seriously doubt he could do th at well in Barca.

We need some depth and refreshment in midfeld. This summer. Pep knows that. And Cesc Fabregas is the only player on Xaviesta level. If we can't get him, Modric is the next best thing right now.


Nup, it runs out June 30. He's apparently at Via Turati now, saying his goodbyes.

Nesta and Pippo have renewed for another year; Pirlo's leaving, almost certainly to Juve.


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sad departure, I always respected him, and grew up watching him as Milan's anchor in midfield. It will be strange to see him go. I mean he's one of the players that made me like Milan.


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Hate to see a club legend ending his career elsewhere,Juventus are probably not his best option as teams like Man City,Chelsea,Arsenal or even Inter desperately need a player like him

Guess this means Juve don't want Aquilani........

I heard Juve are only willing to pay 10m?wont be a bad deal for you IMO
By the way who will Milan replace him with,their midfield will look like the creative less english teams without him


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Old (not much energy), slow, takes forever to pass and is horrible defensively.

Not to mention he's been horrible for years imo. Don't think I've seen him play 2 good games in a row since WC 2006. No Thanks.


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Guess this means Juve don't want Aquilani........

interestingly juve want him as they think getting aquialni will cost too much, juve fans dont they would rather aquilani, a poll was set up about it on one of their forums.

yes milan are letting him go as he hasnt been anywhere near his old self since 07 but for barca as a backup to xavi( and lets face it xavi plays way too much for a player who is losing his legs and has problems with injuries) it will be a cheap and good alternative to paying 45mill on an injury prone cesc.

pirlo can adapt to barca's style and i know pep likes him (talked about him a year ago i think) its a gamble , for free and low wages a gamble i believe is worth taking.


I heard Juve are only willing to pay 10m?wont be a bad deal for you IMO
By the way who will Milan replace him with,their midfield will look like the creative less english teams without him
There has been much talk of this the last week, and the point about a new starting point of creativity was accepted by Galliani yesterday. The club considers attack to be fine now assuming Cassano stays. Also defence with the additions made already. So Milan's only target will be a replacement for Pirlo, if Seedorf stays that is, in which case 2 attacking midfielders will be signed. The names being mentioned so far are Pastore and Hamsik, who he said are too expensive, but he said that before. Kaka' was also mentioned but he said that is impossible financially and practically. Van der Vart was linked, but he went as far as to say he doesn't work hard enough so for sure no.

My preference would be Hamsik, I think he is a better player than Pastore who I feel is good, but none the less over hyped by Zamparini.

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