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Don't think Temptation has ever made an argument for or against something when someone disagrees with him or points out his idiotic takes.

Straight to insults like an incel.
The best way to deal with Temptation is just to ignore his silly marks. In my opinion, Temptation is nothing but a stinking pile of dog poop. Lewandowski is truely washed-up and awful. There's a reason Real didnt go for him in 2018.


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He has close to 30 trophies and more individual awards than the other strikers. And that's despite being robbed by the corrupt French Magazine for 2 years running.

Has the best overall stats, UCL stats too and National Team stats too despite playing for weakest nation. Has always been comfortably the best players and star man of his teams in those trophies. No sidekick business or getting carried by teammates or being a meme for years like certain forum darlings.

Bundesliga arguments are cringeworthy at this point. How many goals did the Bundesliga topscorer get this season? Why don't other players win golden boots or put up silly goal tallies in the Bundesliga like they do in other leagues?

Basically, on an individual level, all the facts show RL9 is clear. Haters can't change shit bout that. Now, obviously certain people will have a certain connection or soft spot with particular players like KL has for Benzema or Messi fans have for his best mate Suarez.


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Would ship him in Madrid in an instant for the right amount of money. He was his dream to play there, hope it comes true :lol:


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Spanish Domestic Trophies count but German don't? Lmao. Spain is just as top heavy as Germany with the added doze of corruption and favouritism by the big 2.

Robert's the reason for their Bundesliga dominance. This season with another "world class" replacement in Mane they had to rely on Dortmund having one of the biggest bottlejobs ever to win it.

There's a reason why RL9 won back to back leagues with Dortmund against one of the strongest Bayern sides ever and Barca won their 1st league in like 4 years.

Put RL9 in Madrid and they win the league next season. Simple as that.

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