9 - Robert Lewandowski


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Hope all Barca players get knocked out in the group stages. No need for them to risk injuries and get fatigued. The club competitions are more important than this fake WC.


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Once made a bet with Cruyff that Cruyff would let him attend the Carnival (festival) in Brazil if he scored in El Clasico.

Dropped a hat-trick on RM and left for Brazil right after the game.

He was a genius. Who didn't take football too seriously, much like other Brazilian superstars.
Miss characters like him in the game. Players nowadays are so dull and politically correct.


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Miss characters like him in the game. Players nowadays are so dull and politically correct.

Because those characters wouldn't survive at the elite level in the modern game. Modern Football is extremely professional. If you behave like that, you're at the risk of turning into a Balotelli or Arnautovic.


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Karim Benzema was 34-years-old when he had his first 50+ G/A season.

Luis Suarez by this time had already done it SEVEN times in his career! 👏


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Which strikers can we say were definitively better than Suarez and Lewa historically?

Gerd Muller

Anyone else?

Definitively better for me are only R9 and MVB, even though their primes and careers were cut short due to injuries. Romario on the same level, so hard to tell. Other 2 are older generation i know nothing
about part from stories from my dad. He praised Puskas as high as Pele. I'd put Eto'o and Henry in there as well, but i wouldn't say they were better.
Lewa will beat all of them in terms of longevity on the highest level for sure.


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How exactly is Eto'o better than Lewandowski?

Ik Eto'o was really clutch for Barca but...
Lewandowski had the superior prime, has more longevity and a better career. Also a more complete forward and a much better main man.

Has a better individual record at every level


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Eto'o isn't anywhere close to Suarez or Lewandowski

Lewandowski is probably the best striker since R9.

I might be getting carried away by the fact he now plays in Barca but he might be the 4th best striker in history after R9, Gerd Muller and MVB

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