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Gavi has reached the halfway stage of his recovery. If there are no setbacks he is expected to return between October and November.

Barcelona have already come to terms that they will have to begin the next season without Gavi.

Till now he has made progress without any setbacks and has very good feelings but he still has a long way to go.

Apart from his ACL, his meniscus also ruptured which lengthens the recovery period. Barça are also clear that once Gavi receives the medical green light, he will need a month to regain physical fitness, having being out for a year.

The club’s great challenge is to have Gavi in full capacity by January 2025.

Doesn't sound good.


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Damn how many players actually suffer an injury this severe and actually make it back to previous levels?

Gonne be out for more than a year.

Iniesta Ultra

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They missed him so badly!

He's the one guy that could have coped with the red card.

With him on the field, Barca would manage to get through with 10 men easily.

Missing his stamina, energy, grit and shithousery.

He's so much more important than people realise. Absolutely crucial in big European ties.

Headless chicken 1-0 gimpball master will return Barca to glory.

Gavi + Xavi


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Hope he'll be back strong.

Him and Fermin could be excellent bench players, one for attack & control one for defense & control.

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