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The only player i seen that came back arguably stronger after an ACL is etoo (all vs Bremen 2008). Mofo came back brand new and arguably stronger and faster and as good as ever ol.. don't remember any similar case.. fat ronaldo , falcao came back a shadow of their former selves.


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An ACL tear at this early age can change your career trajectory.

It doesnt mean its for the worse but it will change what kind of player he is to an extent. It may end up that he becomes less aggressive and headless chicken and focuses more on football. And his injury heals well and they manage to stabilise his reformed ACL.

Or it could be a very bad tear and get constantly reinjured. And he loses athletic ability and adds nothing.
We really don't know yet but it could be very bad or not matter much.

That's obviously a possibility, but as long as the surgery goes well and he doesn't have other injuries along with the torn ACL, and the recovery is smooth and they take their time he could return to be as he was just before the injury.

Just look at Wirtz as a recent example.

As for Gavi's development and maturity as a player then that need to be guided by his manager as well, and I suspect Xavi is fine with him being a headless chicken running around instead of being the technically good player he can be.


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Xavi injured his ACL in 2005 and was at peak after it.

Keane did his in 97 then led Utd to the treble in 99 and player of year in 2000.

Van Nistelrooy did his when about to join Man Utd then joined a year later and had best years of career.


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It can go either way. No point speculating, we will see how it goes.

Midfield depth is non-existing now. Pedri back in the meat thresher.


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It most likely means Felix starts at AML for rest of season as thats the way it was heading with Gavi going back there.

Christensen may have to be an option at DM more now as cant play that dud Romeu. Also for that AM/SS role Ferran/Raphinha will probably have to play there more often if Pedri/Gundo have to play deeper.

Poor planning for an DM hits home even harder now.


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I’m actually gonna cry. Out for the rest of the season against frikin Georgia when Spain are already through to the Euros. Legit the end of the last match showed he was exhausted and needed rest badly. Manager can go f*ck himself!!

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