4 - Ronald Araújo


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Is he fucking retarded. Seriously what the fuck is he doing? Might be an idea to have a look at the flank you're supposed to cover? Idiot.

Gundo stupid and Ter Stegen pretty bad but Araujo is simply hopless there.

Sailor Mars

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That first goal wasn't only on Araujo. The entire defence was caught out of position. Seems like he was covering the other player in the middle behind the ball carrier.

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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Samu was winning the game on his own and then Araujo marked him and didn't get a kick.

He makes the other centre backs look good. Barca should accept any bids north of 50-60m for Christensen or Kounde.


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Looked leggy on the D, or maybe that Porto wideman was just fast.

Some nice offensive balls though.

Kounde on the other hand, yeesh...

Don Juan Laporta Estruch

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The defense is average when he isn't playing at centre back. I keep saying this but it is frustrating as hell to watch.

Pushing him out to right back for a geriatric Kounde is just suicidal. We got away with one today, but if you don't play Uruguayo in the centre and play Kounde there instead, a UCL humiliation is coming.


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It's a shame Kounde has to be shoehorned into CB. Apparently he's one of those 'hard to bench' players in comparison to the much more superior CB Christensen. And Araujo being the nice guy he is has no problem assuming responsibility and being moved to RB.

Araujo-Chris worked so well last season. But I honestly doubt we'll see them play again unless there are injuries.


Dont know what has happened to him, slow in general and slow to get in position , sloppy passes. Dont seem to be in form at all.
Nice to see him as captain.
Only time he should play as RB is against Real Madrid to put Vinni in the pocket ... Otherwise CB and that's ti. And yeah... I would love to see him be captain when Sergi is gone or at least as 2nd. Ter Stegen is longer there with much more experience but in my opinion GK is not much as captain as player on the field. GK can't run here and there and make pressure on referees.

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