23 - Jules Kounde


Nice goal, really clean strike. And saved us from another stresfull ending to Copa game.

He is however our best paid defender, and has almost triple the salary of Araujo if I recall correctly. So rightfully, much is expected of him. He hasn't been convincing at CB however and is maybe the defender with the most fuck ups directly leading to goals this season.

Would be glad to have him if he´d come on a free or something with a much lower wage, and didn't complain about being asked to play RB.

Fact is he is by far our most expensive defender in the team, and in my opinion he should be 4th choice at CB behind Araujo, Inigo and AC as he brings nothing to the table that the others don't.

Even tho none of them have been particularly convincing this season, he's been the worst of the bunch which is saying something.


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I actually thought he looked like proper defender when betis started moving more up the pitch instead of countering. He ran quite a bit putting pressure and intercepted some passes. One of better performances in recent weeks but not high bar.


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This guy is annoyingly stupid. Bad decision making, wrong passes at the wrong time, tries to take on the whole team as though he is a forward. He's been the worst on the pitch for me.


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Genuinely one of worst RB performances have seen at Barca.

Bilbao let him get ball and then pressured him and his passing barely looked like a pro footballer.


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Told you guys more than a year ago that there is something fishy about his attitude.

And yeah..Once Balde is back at lb, just play Fort as RB.


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We need to make an approach for a PSG player and tell them not to touch Kounde and that we would never sell him as he is our most important player and indispensable.

Its the only way.

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