2014 WC Qualifiers - Europe


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Pogba, Cabaye, Valbuena & Ribery were the stars for Les Bleus...Although it was embarrassing seeing them try to get Ukrainian players sent off - eventually succeeding after a dreadful dive & milking of contact that would've made even CR blush by Ribery...Disgusting from the Bayern player

Still in disbelief at the state of the pitch, it was coming up everywhere - my first impression was that it was intentionally left a mess to negate the blistering pace of Ukraine but it made matters difficult for both sides at various points in the match

Still, the French were impressive on the night and I'm glad to see them going to WC


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Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I was ready to call it a day after the dreadful first-leg match performance. But for once in recent memory the team made the country proud. I am still not the biggest fan of Deschamps but he knows what it takes to win the World Cup and has proven himself as a manager before on the highest level. This might be a turnaround. The team was actually performing really well overall since the EURO last year but the performance in Kiev destroyed all that work and left a really bad impression.

Anyway what also pleased me after yesterday's result was the big fuck you message that the team delivered in the direction of the unbearable local journalists.

I hope to see such scenes as those below in the near future although it is not realistic.

Now all the past World Cup winners are also qualified.

A World Cup with France and Italy. Will be great fun.
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