2014 WC Qualifiers - Europe


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Damn. The French are through. Ribery is through. Portugal is through. CR7 is through.

And Valdes is injured.

What a day. @#$$%!


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Boy, should give credit to Ronaldo. Didn't really followed the game, Romania played (ha ha) and watched France later. But to score a hat-trick in this kind of matches, that's greatness. Great assists as well.

As for France, I'm happy, even if there was no red card there.

Also, Fifa let's everyone reconsider their votes for the Ballon d'Or. Guess I know who wins this year...


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Jumping on the Sakho bandwagon. How did he slip through our hands....... This guy should be given the captain's armband for his performance defensively and offensively. No offense to Varane but... Sakho man.......

Another thing I saw was the Cabaye-Pogba show. Both are really good on the ball, but Pogba always made the right decisions at midfield. Maybe we should consider him as our Xavi replacement...........

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