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  • yes, Topalov is the reason to follow chess :)
    you must be very happy with chealsea's double, congratulations
    You are always welcome to be my guest here in Bulgaria if you have a way to our shit country. :)
    By the way, congratulation on Viswanathan Anand who defended his title in chess. Best chess grandmaser in a decade :)
    hopefully I'll visit India someday, love indian chicks and dances. Just to collect some money and I give it a go :)
    HELLOOO :) bb
    nice to see you around
    how are you doing :)
    hope I can see you more around :)

    BTW I don't know why I cant send private messages :( So this is why I'm replying here :)
    Happy birthday, you bloody Indian............ at the risk of a ban, we wait for you with open arms at the "other" forum
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