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    Thats what Deco gets for trying to conduct his deals via pm and not MSN
    Man you're killing me :(
    The thought was that you'd get a good deal on LDP (Kagawa) and I'd get one on CDS (Vidal (for a bit more, obviously)). Now you're offering me a deal where I get Hamsik (who got his increase a couple of months ago, from a time when he had better form and Napoli were flying) for a prize that's hardly a good deal :(.
    I mean you got Kagawa for the lowest possible bid and now I'm supposed to not even be able to use cash? I admit to not really following the PL so I'm not sure how Barry's been doing but he's still in City so he should keep a good rating I guess. Anyway you could just as well have Rolfes (same positions, also 91) if you don't like Barry.

    Tbh I felt that was a fair deal, especially considering the LDP deal, but if you're looking for more depth I could cater to that... I'll PM on SM.
    Yeah. Ammar made me a Liverpool fan. :D Apart from that, I don't have much time to follow another team, even 'pool. Although, I do like Milan and Ajax quite a bit as well. :)
    Born in Pamplona but live in Houston. My dad has Basque/Spanish blood and my mom is Colombian so I have a mix of Latin heritage. Are you still in highschool or are you a college student?
    Hahaha no but I didn't pay attention to the visitor messages section...Do you get barca tv in UAE?
    Nah i don't have any of those, hard to come by. I have a couple Pirlo ones i've found over the years. But nah sorry dude, none of those.
    Hey man, i'm sure you can find tonnes of pics on google, i have some nice ones on my computer but idk how i'd show you them.

    I'm a noob at computers tbh.
    Hey man, no worries. I fancied a change, although it's the last time i can change :p you can still call me by my last name ;)
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