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    Respond to my offer for Hummels, the suspense is killing me
    If that link doesnt work look for username Four Teen
    You registered i take it? Add Jordan - www soccermanager com/profile.php?cid=20796 (doesnt let me post links here, just add the dots) and tell him to give you Borusia.
    No problem dude, i'll leave them for you to take when you're ready and won't go finding someone for it. If someone comes to the thread and asks, you're cool with that? Oh and I've just ordered a copy of "Across The Nightingale Floor" based on your recommendation and the fact that I love fantasy tales and am really interested in anything to do with fuedal Japan. Cheers dude!
    Imma let you finish but ammar has the best profile of all time, of all time
    OMG:wub:OMG:wub: OMG i didn't know you could that, THIS is the best ever. don't be suprised if i'm at the top of your visitors list more often now.
    lies. you know you love my profile top to bottom.

    ps: this profile needs more pink and shit
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