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  • Your right ! it´s 45 minutes to Dubai by Pane. Plus I´m going to Saudi Arabia (1 hour by plane) to watch the pre-season against Al-Ittihad .. then I'm going to Camp Nou in October !! Cheers mate.
    Fantastic post in the match thread man, takes a very cool person to win me over like you have, a United fan anyway :tongue:. A pleasure to have you on this forum, hope you'll stick around ;)
    Thanx alot man, that's pretty decent coming from a Machester United fan. I hope all your fellow fans can learn a thing or two from you. Anyways, I believe it was a fair match, and you guys put on a hell lot of pressure, (My hopes were extremley down after watching the first 15 minutes) But well done and better luck next time ! Atleast you guys aren't sore losers like some of the Chelsea fans lol Peace !
    respect to you, my friend. it was a good game first half, second half once fergie went a bit bonkers and took anderson off leaving poor carrick as a one-man midfield it got a bit ugly but you take what you get! was a pleasure to have beaten the european champions in the final and not some fourth placed team. we've both qualified as champions for next season's CL too. hope to see you in madrid for a rematch!
    Heath, what made it even sweeter was the great conversations we had with the man utd fans beforehand.

    My head doesnt hurt...i only had one or two drink. I didnt want to get drunk and forget the night! Thanks for the congratulations. Your support in rome did you proud last night.
    i'm on manutd talk....it's a great forum with some great folk there,been on there for ages and i love it...i didn't come here to try and upset anyone,i just love chatting and meeting new people...you should check out our forum heath......and the name is Angie ..it's very nice to meet you..xx
    heath click on view conversation to reply to folks messages ok hun...
    i came to be nosey thats how i found the message..i am a very nosey girl,...and a link was posted on a great site i'm a member of for this forum......oh i didn't think you are a total idiot either...i'm purrfect thankyou
    ok,....so how did you know i'd just put that last msg.....?
    i'm not a total idiot btw,just finding out if i'm missin some sort of "beeboo" that tells ya someone's posted summat somewhere.
    oh,and to answer your 1st Q..i'm ok ta, you?
    and how'd you find this site,linked or you found it yourself?
    hello back .

    is this a reply,don't know if it is or not cos it doesn't appear to say how to reply to your msg anywhere.
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