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There is something serious wrong about the club imo. We have unique advantages in this club over others, like humongous stadium, great city, history, legends of the game playing for us like no other club, and few others too.

But the way the club is handled is not very good, despite these rare advantages. The main reason I'm not opposed to selling the club. The ability of the club, using the current model, to sustain itself past a couple of years is not there for me.

Even if we somehow get back on top of Europe against all odds, it will last only a few years and then another moron, elected by the club itself, will destroy it all.

This is the big overarching problem that we've always had. With the advantages that are intrinsic to this club, the president and co could build something great that doesn't have us with these huge ups and downs. The problem is that culturally, we just don't have that cut throat approach to how we view this club. There's too much focus on intangibles such as culture and language, history, etc.

While you don't need to abandon that completely, imagine being run as efficiently as Bayern for example. I'm not saying Bayern are a 100% perfect model, they have their own shenanigans with Presidents etc. but very rarely are they not in the conversation in Europe - the ups and downs they have are not as exaggerated as ours.

Our current model gives us what you'd expect - some unprecedent highs (Which will happen rarely) and then shocking lows. I am not sure I see this changing unless we're sold either.


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Klinsmann era???

Grass is always greener on the other side. The club is doing very well at the moment (while not everything is obviously going perfect).


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That's the highest amount of cardio Laporta has done in his life!

I'm flabbergasted! What's next? Him giving up burgers for Xavi?

Somebody ban this cornball so we dont have to listen to his high school level jokes anymore.
I am begging you for once in your life do your job mods.


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What makes Flick great? His stock in Germany seem to be in the gutter and with Liverpool, Man Utd and Bayern again all needing a new manager he's barely linked, if at all, to any of these clubs.

He's available for free.

I'm not going to say he'd guaranteed be a disaster, but there must be a reason why all these clubs won't try to hire this supposedly amazing coach that you won't pay a cent for.
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