Xavi Hernandez


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Only times when he looks passionate and animated is when he waves imaginary cards , goes HAM on 4th refs and takes the tokenistic yellow or red card. Biggest barca problem are in this order.


I'm sick of him as a manager already. He has no ideas and it shows.


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Same issues as last season - he's a bum and squad ain't all that. But now there's less luck and we concede against anyone.


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Another clownshow/horrorshow by our Catalan Frankie Lampard

While we already saw today two coaches, Arne Slot and Sergio Conceicao, who coach much smaller clubs than Barca, with squads 3 or 4 levels below Barca's
and yet they play 3 or 4 times better football based on Barca principles

Imagine how much better they could do if they were coaching here


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This wasnt a usual 1-0 I feel.
The 1-0s last year were boring but we did in fact limit chance creation.
This game we didnt and probably got away with 2 or 3 penalties and an extra sending off.

Fair. Last year we relied alot on Stegs heroics and Christensen/Araujo last ditch tackles.

But we did look more solid/contained, probably because we had a higher intensity
- 4 mids
- no attacking rightback

And Xavi hasn't quite adapted to this new onus on having another attacker and another attacking fullback.

This is where we were exploited.

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