Xavi Hernandez


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He'll do a hat-trick and clown them in the Copa too



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This win is even more massive considering we are going into an international break, everyone knows how we are with the fifa virus generally speaking, a lost here & a draw after the break and all of a sudden we are in panic mode.


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In the end, we deserve to be champions. We showed character and fight and intensity this whole season and have fought for every result.

It kind of sucks that we have to wait 2 months till we officially win it but meh. Champions!


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Many games left to be played. Another Almeria can happen at any point if we are not careful.

Pedri and Dembele can have time to recover in peace for the Copa decider though.


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We have had many points under Lucho in one season and won the league in the last match. Just saying that Xavi needs to keep them focused.


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Xavi is clearly motivating the team. Kudos for that. That is one vital trait of being a great manager. He has passion.

With that said, I do not like how we play. Defensive, boring, at times slow. We look more like an Italian team at times. What a pity, considering the attacking talent at our disposal. My opinion remains unchanged, however, I hope that we start winning games by more than one goal.


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The attacking talent at our disposal? 😂

Anyway, why was Raphinha swapped? Was he spend? And for Torres? Who basically contributed with nothing. Strange sub from Xavi imo.

All in all i think has done well and I don?t care if we win with a good defence or mind blowing attack. We need a properly managed team, and Xavi does that. He has fucked up in Europe, and even against United he did split the best functioning defence in first leg and didn?t play AC, big mistake. But besides Europe, he has done well.

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