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Tim Wiese is a good enough name already.

Dunno. The name sounds weird when pronounced in english.
Tim the Gym maybe?

On a sidenote, this whole thing is funny as hell, but on a serious note, i dont expect to see anything serious from Wiese in the next 18 months, he will need serious training to avoid injurys, furthermore he needs to develop mic-skills because his job is being an entertainer. He will not get any near a camera on live television before hes not fully trained in all these aspects. And since hes 32 already and will porbably be 34 in case that he becomes famous in the WWE, he wont be a headliner just for his probably still non-existent wrestling skills. The only chance he has is a great gimmick that makes people either love or hate him but thinking that he will be a better wrestler than all those still unkown talents who are waiting for chances, would be delusional. Its amazing he got the contract, but its still a long road to go for him.
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Hi, its me..

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk joins Colt to finally open up about EVERYTHING from the past couple years.


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Not really. The only thing I've heard recently is that the Undertaker finally lost a match in Wrestlemania - to Brock Lesnar of all people. :lol:


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People still watch this thing? It was a huge part of my childhood, but it's such shite now.

i still do but its not all that anymore. The wrong guys are the top dogs at the moment, NXT has already a better Roster than RAW and Smackdown and since like a year there has hardly been any new wrestler in the roster. The same characters in different storylines all along. Wrestling ability is almost inexistent (repeating the same fkin moves), only thing that is interesting are matches with Dolph Ziggler or Cesaro & Tyson Kidd. WWE's favourite assets are John Cena and Roman Reigns, and both have like the personality of a cartoon character, it all became kind of a kid's show, sadly.


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I don't watch it as religiously as the 90's but I check it out every now ans then. It's pretty bad nowadays and that a combination of the creative writers they hired and how out of touch they are.


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can you guys recommend a wrestling podcast that gives some insight into the world of wrestling? please no kayfabe bullshit. :)

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How many wrestling greats are gonna pass away this year... RIP Hot Rod :(


Steve Austin show, Talk is Jericho, Colt Cabana show, Sam Roberts podcast? They're a bit of insider material so you may not know what they're on about every time, but they do talk stories of wrestling most of the time.

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