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And Ziggler, and 28 others. I miss him doing it full time.

Cena Rock again. And Punk gets pinned by the elbow. Someone shoot me.

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So the dude who was supposed to be in the main event of WrestleMania was arrested for DUI and weed possession :lol: What a fucking dumbass. Company gives him a push of a lifetime and he does this.


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Here is my scenario for this wrestlemania leading up to WM 30. Beware its a long post!!!

Why I want to see CM Punk help John Cena defeat The Rock at Wrestlemania.

Now hear me out as you will all be saying that that Cena won’t turn heel, however this is a scenario I can envisage happening.

Earlier in the night Undertaker defeats CM Punk in a classic match. CM Punk had Undertaker beat however the referee was knockout out and by the time another ref came to the ring, Taker kicked out on the two count. CM Punk is pissed, very pissed and goes over to the announcer’s table to grab a chair. Needless to say when he tries to hit Undertaker he misses, Undertaker hits the tombstone and gets the win.

In the back after the following match on the card, they go to Punk’s locker room and says he’s been screwed time and again at the RR, Elimination Chamber and tonight and Wrestlemania. Tonight he will do something to get the respect he deserves and that at the end of the night people will know he is the best in the world.

Time to the main event – Cena – Rock which is No DQ. After about 20mins into the match which goes back and forth, Cena hits an AA, but Rock kicks out at two. Cena again hits another AA, this time from the top turnbuckle, but again Rock kicks out at two. NOW you see Cena’s visuals change from that hustle, loyalty and respect guy to a guy that looks pissed off. During these moments where Cena is in disbelief, Rock goes for a School boy, but Cena kicks out on 2 and looks livid. Cena low blows Rock and then goes to the outside to get a chair. He grabs one and goes back and hits Rock with it on the back three times. He then throws the chair outside.

Cena goes for the pin but yet again Rock kicks out at two. At this point CM Punk comes out. He walks towards the ring with Cena staring at him telling him to get lost – or words to that effect – still in face mode. Cena whilst his back is turned to the Rock does not see Rock standing waiting to give him the Rock Bottom.

Rock gives him the Rock Bottom and goes for the People’s elbow. He runs……at this point CM Punk sees the chair – which Cena threw out of the ring – and grabs it hitting Rock on the back whilst running to do the people’s elbow.

Rock is in agony and is down on the mat. Cena is now in recovery mode and realises what has happened when he sees Punk with the chair. Cena who is in the ring stares at Punk who is holding the chair outside the ring. This stare is 10-15 seconds long, but it will seem longer.

Cena then goes to the outside gets the WWE title and gives it to Punk. Cena re enters the ring and tells Punk to get in the ring with the title. Which Punk does. Rock is still down at this point but is slowly regaining his strength. Rock is up when Cena holds him for Punk to hit Rock with the title, which he does. Cena goes for the three count and wins the title.

The Ref, who is in disbelief at the events which have occurred goes give the title to Cena to raise the his hand, as is normally the case. But in this case, Punk stops him and gives him the GTS. Punk then hands the title to Cena.

Next night on raw Cena and Punk come out together. Cena speaks first. “I bet y’all would never witness this moment that myself and CM Punk would work together in tandem and walk to the ring together. All night and all day everyone in the back, everyone at the airport, every single man, woman and child is asking me why I did what I did. Well I will give you dimwits one damned good reason and that reason is Vince Mcmahon. Ever since I came into the company that man has been leeching off of me, making money off of me and building himself an empire for the 21st century. Well Vince you reap what you sow and now with CM Punk with me, there isn’t a damn person in this company that can stop us from doing what we want when we want. Vince this is all on you. Oh and Rock you will forever be my bitch” Cena then hands the mic to Punk.

CM Punk “Well Well Well who’d have thought it ME helping Cena win the title from the Rock. I said after my unjust defeat to the Undertaker that I was going to do something that make people realize who is the best in the world. After being screwed by The Rock twice I knew I had to end his reign at Wrestlemania. He got lucky in getting my title and he got just a little bit of what he deserved. What are you idiots going to do about it. People have asked me since I’ve arrived this morning why I did what I did. Didn’t I hate Cena? Why would I help Cena? Well firstly if you fools can remember way back when I had you people in the palm of my hand, I never said I hated Cena. In fact I said I liked him and I do. I said I didn’t like what he represented and after Cena came to me after Elimination Chamber with his plan, I was intrigued. So I listened and what I heard was a man that was wanting change, was a man that was fed up of Vince Mcmahon as I was and a man that wanted to embarrass the Rock in front of the world. So we hatched a plan and after our “match” on Raw we knew we had you people in the palms of our hands dancing to our tune. Together CM Punk and John Cena are unstoppable in the WWE”

Now people will say this cannot work, and perhaps you are right however this will be a year long thing that will end in a WM 30 match with Cena and CM Punk vs Undertaker in handicapped match.

Cena and Punk rampage over WWE destroying everything and everyone. Vince is left in ruins – all his and Triple H’s plans (Punk and HHH feud throughout the year) have not come to fruition.

Cena and Punk now only want one thing that no one has ever done and that is to end the streak.

No one has heard of Undertaker since Wrestlemania. It is assumed that he is retired. Vince and HHH believe there is only one phenom that can defeat the duo of Cena-Punk.

At the Royal Rumble it is Rock-Cena III. As Rock is going for the win, Lesnar comes out to cost Rock the title. Planting the seeds of Rock-Lesnar at WM 30.

So Cena retains the title and Punk beats Ziggler for the WHC. Now they really are dominating everyone and own the two biggest titles in WWE.

The next night at the beginning of Raw Triple H goes to the ring and addresses Punk and Cena. Saying they wanted the phenom and they will get their answer at the end of the night.

In the second hour Vince comes to the ring and says he knows Undertaker is around after Kane told him this. He pleads with Undertaker to come down – he does. Undertaker is in the ring. Vince starts by saying that throughout the years through all the good times and bad times there was always one person he could rely upon in this business and that was Undertaker. They’ve had their battles in the past but there always been a respect. He asks the Undertaker to save the WWE from Cen and Punk and come back for one last hurrah at WM 30.

Undertaker accepts the challenge on one condition. He wants both Cena and Punk at Wrestlemania. He has watched all year long those two running their mouths and getting away with what they do. He tells Vince that he doesn’t want any guest referees or timekeepers or anyone at his side. He wants no excuses from Punk and Cena for what he will do to them.

Vince says he needs to discuss this with HHH and tells him that HHH will answer both him and Cena and Punk at the end of Raw.

Last segment of Raw. HHH comes to the ring. He says he doesn’t understand why Undertaker wants to put himself at a disadvantage in a handicapped match, however he has the scars to know Undertaker can get the job done. So he grants Undertaker his wish at WM 30 it will be Cena and Punk vs Undertaker. On the screen it shows Cena and Punk smiling and laughing. HHH sees this and says he isn’t finished. Why should the streak be on the line but not the WWE title (note he says the WWE title not the WWE and WHC titles – as Cena needs to lose the belt to end the year long run). So if Undertakers makes either you two submit of pins either of you, then Cena you lose the title. I sincerely hope you belief in Punk will not be jeopardized by this - laughing - end show and Punk and Cena stare at each other. So this plants seeds of doubt in the to Cena-Punk relationship on the RTWM.

So you ask why not have a straight Cena-Undertaker match? Well for a couple of reasons.

1) The streak on the line in a handicapped match is a unique selling point. People will wonder if Undertaker can win.

2) For a year now no one or thing can beat Cena-Punk. You need to paint the picture that HHH and Vince are desperate men and that only a phenom can defeat such a duo

3) As this will be Undertaker’s last hurrah then what bigger way out can there be by defeating the two biggest full time names on the roster.

Look at the colours of WM 30. Black and Purple. A heavy hint that this will be based upon Undertaker’s final match and he deserves to main event it.

I’d love to watch that scenario come about. Cena turning heel will give him new direction and will put him in various sets of circumstances he otherwise wouldn’t be in.

It will also allow current faces and new faces (i.e. Bryan and perhaps Ziggler) to go up a level and see if they sink or swim in that role as the main event babyfaces who can compete against Cena and Punk.

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Man.. this is all good writing and you (as many other people I fear) would do a better job at writing up a good wrestling script, but how many reasons for anything like that NOT happening can be pointed out?

One thing of all these I can definitely see happening at WM30 - Cena vs Undertaker. It wouldn't likely be a classic, maybe, who knows, but Cena is the one guy Taker hasn't faced at Wrestlemania (aside Jericho or maybe Lesnar but they are part timers) who would make such a match worthy of absolute tops of the wrestling business. And it would be something everyone would watch.
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You're not even a real journalism
THE wrestling world is in mourning following the death of Paul Bearer.
Bearer, real name William Moody, passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 58.

Making his WWE debut in 1991 as The Undertaker’s manager, Moody’s spooky alter ego quickly became one of the most recognisable stars working for Vince McMahon.

And the tributes have been pouring in since the sad news was confirmed by McMahon’s sports entertainment company.

Triple H tweeted: "Rest in peace, Paul Bearer. You will never be forgotten. There will never be another.”

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, who had many memorable battles with The Undertaker and Bearer, added: “Very sad about Paul Bearer, he was a great person and one of the original boys.

“He was what made wrestling great. Much love.”

Standing out due to his ghostly white make-up and high-pitched voice, Bearer used his previous experience of working within the funeral business to great effect.

He often used the urn he carried as a weapon to aid The Undertaker and played a major role in the storyline when the WWE introduced Kane to the roster.

Moody left the WWE in 2002 but returned for a short spell two years later.

He was last seen on TV screens in 2012 and is fondly remembered by fans and grapplers alike.

Speaking on Twitter, former WWE world champion Shawn Michaels said: “I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Bearer.

“Our prayers go out to him and his family. God bless!”

WWE superstar The Miz added: “Just found out Paul Bearer died tonight.

“He was always so nice when I talked to him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

R.I.P :(

Scott Hall was one of those guys the life of drugs and alcohol but still pretty sad to see him like this, too many wrestlers are/have ended up in the same situation as him
It indeed sucks, thankfully he has DDP looking out for him, Jake the Snake Roberts was in a pretty bad state not so long ago DDP helped him get his health back and hopefully he can do the same with Scott Hall. I really hope they both get better and not fall back into old habits, both have been rehab on numerous occasions...hope this time they can stay away from the drugs permanently

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