World Cup 2022


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France is like Madrid, they have the laziness to take it easier vs low-level teams, sometimes paying the price for it, but also the professionalism to up it at will when they have to.

El Gato

Spain will prolly go out next round at latest with this sort of showing when game's on knife edge and opponent has good forwards.
They barely create a decent chance. Overperformed hugely in first game and fizzled out since


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What teams do Spain have the same quality as?

They have not been anything close to one of best teams so far.. they have beat Costa Rica that is it.



Brazil - Spain would be the final between the 2 best teams of the tournament


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France has played Australlia, Tunisia, Poland and Denmark so far mate
And they allowed too much xG against them.

Let us see them against England first

That would be Denmark who you claimed would win group and France were being over rated against...

Spain have beat,, Costa Rica. That is it.

Spain played Germany... where are Germany? At home.


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Worst match of the WC so far.
Spain downright idiotic with that extremely slo, lazy, totally unmotivated sideways passing possession game not able AND not willing to create any pressure over the whole 90+ minutes.

Morocco parked their bus very well, have to give them that, but Spain made it way too easy for them and they themselves were not willing or able to create much danger on the counter.

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