World Cup 2022


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Why are you so looking to argue all the time. We don't even disagree on Pedri much. Unless you think he is a top player already.

I think he is much better than likes of Gavi and still very young.

While has been one of Barcas best players and best mid at last Euros.

It is irrelevant to bring up Iniesta and Modric.


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Which teams?
So far they have been better team together with Brazil.
England Argentina France have been worse

What teams do Spain have the same quality as?

They have not been anything close to one of best teams so far.. they have beat Costa Rica that is it.


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Lmao do you even watch the matches? France would destroy this Spain squad.

France has played Australlia, Tunisia, Poland and Denmark so far mate
And they allowed too much xG against them.

Let us see them against England first

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